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RIF Pittsburgh partners with other community organizations to provide integrative services that meet the needs of low-income children in our communities. RIF Pittsburgh is actively strengthening existing partnerships and exploring new collaborations to better serve children and families.
Some recent collaborations include:
Be A Middle School Mentor – As a partner of this program, RIF Pittsburgh provides a customized Books for Keeps experience to all participants. RIF Pittsburgh has a book catalogue of brand new, age-appropriate, high-interest  books that students choose from at the beginning of the year. With the support of his/her mentor, every participating student selects 3 books to keep, read, and discuss with his/her mentor. By incorporating book selection into the mentoring experience, this project strives to open doors to a life of knowlege, exploration, and love of learning. 

Pittsburgh Public Schools -- We continue to work closely with the Pittsburgh Public Schools to ensure that our programming is aligned with and supports their broader academic goals, including kindergarten readiness and third grade reading proficiency. With the recent launch of their “Whole Child, Whole Community” initiative, we are looking forward to the opportunity to further work with the District.