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Resources for Parents


There are tons of resources out there to help you incorporate reading into family life. If your child is just learning to read, is a struggling reader, or just doesn’t seem to “get into” reading, you may want to try some of these tips:
  • Show your child that reading matters – Children model their behavior after their parents. So let your child see you read. Read to your child before bed at night. Take your child on a trip to your library and choose books together.
  •  Spend time together – The more you talk to your child, the more your child learns about how words sound and fit together. Ask your child questions, answer your child’s questions, and tell your child stories.
  • Help your child hear the sounds in words – When you talk to your child, point out how certain words start with the same sound. Point out rhyming words. Sing songs and nursery rhymes to practice sound repetition and patterns.
  • Teach the ABCs – Practice the alphabet with your child. Look for letters in signs, around the house, at the grocery store. Practice the sounds the letters make. Help your child write all of the letters.
  • Help your child learn what words mean – Every day, point out the names of new things around the house and outside. Teach your child the names of colors, animals, foods, and more. Teach your child new words. If your child asks you what something means, even if it’s a big word, explain. The more words you use in front of your child, the easier it will be to understand new words when reading. 
  • Practice reading – Read your child’s favorite book aloud. Then let your child read his or her favorite book to you. Take turns and read your favorite books together. Find a special, comfy place to read. Make sure you tell your child “Good job reading!”
Parent Info Guides
Need some ideas for making reading fun for your child? Check out these guides designed by RIF Pittsburgh to give you strategies you can try to help your children learn to love to read.
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