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Role of a Coordinator


RIF Pittsburgh Site Coordinators have the special opportunity to make reading a fun and exciting part of the classroom or extracurricular experience. Through the Books for Keeps Program, we help our Site Coordinators make books and reading something that children truly treasure and look forward to.
Here are some of the core responsibilities of a Site Coordinator:
Applying and Training – The Books for Keeps program runs twice a year, during the school year and the summer. Site Coordinators must fill out application forms and attend an orientation with RIF Pittsburgh before the school year and the summer program.
Book Processing – Site Coordinators will receive shipments of books approximately 2 weeks before the scheduled Reading Celebrations. Site Coordinators unpack and sort the books, and make sure that each classroom receives an age-appropriate mix of books with some extras included to allow for choice.
Reading Celebrations – Site Coordinators ensure that every child at his/her site has the opportunity to participate in a Reading Celebration which includes a fun, motivational activity and the selection of a book to take home and keep. Reading Celebrations can incorporate guest readers, storytimes, special activities (art, science, cooking, etc.), a school-wide party, or more!
Communication and Reporting – Site Coordinators communicate directly with RIF Pittsburgh staff and Outreach Members to ensure that the Books for Keeps program is operating smoothly. Communication is essential to scheduling Reading Celebrations, monitoring book delivery, and improving book selection and program quality. Site Coordinators can request special books or titles, ask for an Outreach Member to assist with a Reading Celebration, or ask for any special support needed. Site Coordinators also fill out simple reports after each Reading Celebration.
Fundraising – Fundraising is a great way to get parents, teachers, and community members involved in the importance of reading! Site Coordinators are committed fundraisers at their site, both communicating the message of why RIF Pittsburgh is important and encouraging parents, staff, and others to pledge their support. Our Site Coordinators initiate Hat Days, organize raffles, hold bake sales, collect change, and so much more to support the Books for Keeps Program.
Family Engagement – Our goal is to involve families in the Books for Keeps program so that they understand the importance of book ownership, reading in the home, and reading aloud with their children. Our Site Coordinators engage parents and families by publicizing upcoming Reading Celebrations, inviting parents to be guest readers or volunteers, sending letters and surveys home to parents, and including special Parent Info Sheets with every RIF Pittsburgh book that goes home.

Awareness – RIF Pittsburgh depends on community, school, and family awareness to continue to provide its programs. Site Coordinators help spread the word by publicizing upcoming Reading Celebrations, putting up posters and fliers on site, and publishing articles in newsletters and local newspapers.