Making a Wishing Star

  •  Construction paper
  • Scissors


Alloted Time: Approximately 7 minutes for each star



Step 1

Take 1 piece of construction paper and cut a strip that is 1 inch x 9 inches.


Step 2

Take one end of the paper and cross the other end to make an "X". Fold strip down and tuck it into the knot. You should have a pentagon with a long end and a short end sticking out, and you can cut a bit of it off if it's too long. Remember don't twist the paper, just loop it around.

Step 3
Keep wrapping until you get to the end of the strip, following the edges and the folds.
Step 4
Tuck the last bit of the strip into the pouch. If there is a little too much, fold it over or tear it off before tucking it in. 
Step 5
Now to make this little pentagon into a star, very gently and slowly use your fingernail to press on the center of each of its edges. The star should puff out!!!!
 A STAR !!!
 Book List
THE WISHING CLUB: A Story about Fractions (ages 9 to 12)
Donna Jo Napoli, 2007
When Joey, Petey, and their sister Sally wish upon a star, they get what they wish for, only not all of it. Sally's twin, Samantha, tells them to chant the verse Star light, star bright . . . and she works out the pattern: Joey, age 2, gets half of what he wants; Petey, age 4, gets a quarter; Sally, who is 8, gets one-eighth of the marbles she wished for. Then the kids work out how they can get one whole thing if they all wish for it together.
Just One Wish (ages 9 and older)
Janette Rallison, 2009
This story describes the wonderful adventure of 17-year-old Annika with light, breezy tones, and praises Annika’s love for her little brother and the courage she displays as she tries to save him. Questions about the meaning of life and whether there is a caring God give the book heft but don't always jibe with its lighter aspects.